About SnapSoho

You snap beautiful photos, why don't you sell it?

SnapSoho is a stock photos marketplace for mobile photographers (mobilegraphers).

Step 1: Take beautiful photos

Step 2: Upload to SnapSoho

Step 3: Your photos will be available to thousands of designers / marketers / social media manager / online media

In SnapSoho, you need points to download photos. There are three types of photo size:

Photo Size (max width or height)Required Point(s)
1500px1 Point
3000px3 Points
5000px or above5 Points

The following is the price of point with different quantity discounts:

Purchased QuantityUnit Price (USD) per Point
1 PointUSD 5
2 - 10 PointsUSD 3
11 - 100 PointsUSD 2
101 - 500 PointsUSD 1.8
> 500 PointsUSD 1.6